Mod Lite Car Race: do you need to follow the rules?

Want to Join Mod Lite Car Race? First you should know the rules

Sports have been popular in all ages and there is no a day without a football or basketball match. But there are other kinds of sports that were invented just two decades ago and one of them is Mod Lite Car Race. Modified Lite cars became popular around the 2000s. It started just as a hobby and original idea was to provide racing to people who did not have a lot of funds or who were just the beginners of full-sized cars races. This idea became popular really fast and expanded in the southern USA where they had many dirt tracks. Today, Mod Lite race cars are becoming one of the most popular class in automobiles racing mostly because it is way cheaper than other racing cars, it also looks different because of their size and shape and that attracts a lot of young people. The Mod Lite race car has full racing suspensions and can reach over 160km/h, they usually are powered with 4-cylinder motorcycle engines between 750cc and 1250cc.

A lot of people are against this type of racing because it can be very dangerous, however, that is why Mod Lite Car Race has many rules that have to be strictly followed by the participants. Here are some of the main rules:

  1. Modified Lite Car Race Rules should be applied to all approved events.
  2. Every ModLite race car can be checked by inspection at any time.
  3. If the Mod Lite race car is approved by the inspector it means that the vehicle is approved for participation in this event and it does not mean that the car is mechanically safe for any other use. Also, the inspector is not liable for any mechanical failures, injuries or even participant’s death.
  4. Before the racing event, drivers or car owners have to declare their body style, for example, Mod Lite IMCA, Classic Modified or Mod Lite DIRT.
  5. All the cars, after the race have to weigh at least 601kg with a driver.
  6. There cannot be extra weight outside of the car body.
  7. Participants cannot use nitro or nitrous oxide.
  8. All the drivers have to be minimum of 14 years old and all the drivers that are younger than 18 years old must have a signed waiver by a parent or guardian.
  9. Drivers cannot use two-way radios or communication devices.
  10. Seat in the car has to be race type made of aluminum.

These are just main rules for Modified Lite Care Race, if you are willing to participate in this race by yourself you should read all the rules in their official website. However, Mod Lite Car Race is very popular in the USA and if you decide to join it, you should know that injuries are very often and you should invest in your car and your team to prepare it. Also, in this type of racing, as mentioned in the rules, is allowed to drive for teenagers who are 14 years old or older, but it is not recommended to participate for drivers who are younger than 18 years old.