Old Dominion Speedway - Become Racer

Old Dominion Speedway - Become RacerAre you interested in learning more about racing as a driver, team member or team owner, but are not sure how to get started? Old Dominion Speedway can help.

Call us; we will put you in touch with the right people to get you started. Old Dominion has driver and team education provided by Try It Racing (Try It Racing.com) for NASCAR type racecars. Interested in something smaller? How about Legends (Legend Cars of Northern Virginia (NOVA legends.com) or Karting (BDE Racing at BDERacing.Homestead.com). We have a race program for you.

Do you prefer Drag Racing? Get started in our Street Race Test & Tune Sessions held every other Wednesday. These no pressure events feature on-site instruction for those interested in learning about car set-up, timing systems and different classes as well as those practicing for higher skill levels. Wednesday’s are great for relaxing and simply doing something out of the ordinary.

You’re invited to become a racer at Old Dominion Speedway. Please visit olddominionspeedway.com or call 703/361-7753.