Racing info for drivers at Old Dominion Speedway

Our Racing Divisions

Old Dominion Speedway Late Models (LM)

Late Models are full size NASCAR Sprint Cup type cars with horsepower ratings of approximately 400 HP and are the feature division of both Old Dominion Speedway and the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Late Models are driven and supported by experienced racecar drivers and teams. Often, drivers and teams that achieve success in this division transfer to NASCAR’s Camping World Truck, Nationwide or K&N Touring Series. Late Model driver training is available through Try-It Racing, phone 703-368-3232, or go to, a business separately owned.

Mini-Modified (MM)

Mini-Modified cars are 4-cylinder rear wheel drive compact size cars that utilize performance and stock production parts, chassis, engines and tires. Mini-Modified cars are very competitive and require suspensions to be setup for the track much the same as a Late Model car. These popular cars are driven by both entry level and seasoned drivers and crews.

U-Cars (Sponsored by Try-It Racing)

U-Car is an acronym for U Can Afford to Race and the division is intended for low budget racing excitement. U-Cars utilize a standard production front wheel drive car and chassis powered by a stock 4-cylinder engine, outfitted with racing safety equipment. Cars can be prepared for the racetrack for a few thousand dollars and are intended for the casual racer who wishes to experience racing action in a fun economical racecar on a flexible schedule.

MAD Modifieds

The MAD Modified series was created to provide a place where owners/drivers of these specialty racecars could compete in a Virginia-based circuit at an affordable cost. The cars sport uniquely modified bodies mounted on purpose-built lightweight chassis with V-8 power. They are fast and fun to watch and are driven by experienced racecar drivers.

Virginia Sprint Series

The Virginia Sprint Series is part of the nationwide Race Saver Spec 305 Sprint Series for winged sprint cars. These cars, which normally run on dirt tracks, race under rules designed to make sprint car racing fair and affordable for their skilled drivers and teams. The cars have a high power to weight ratio and employ huge wings to provide down-force, allowing them to achieve surprisingly high speeds on the short tracks where they race. Since they do not use starters or transmissions (to save weight) sprint cars are push started by crewmen on 4-wheelers.

INEX Legends

INEX is a sanctioning body similar to NASCAR that governs the racing of special-built cars that it manufactures to very tight specifications. INEX Legend cars are 5/8 scale replicas of vintage racecars powered by motorcycle engines. They are lightweight and very quick. They are exciting to watch and are driven by both entry level and experienced drivers. INEX Legend cars are a popular racing platform and are reasonably priced. Complete cars and parts may be purchased through 600 Racing/Roger Austin at 703-791-0051. Roger also offers INEX Legend driver-training classes at Old Dominion Speedway.

INEX Bandolero

INEX Bandolero cars are small full-bodied, rear-engine cars powered by Briggs and Stratton engines and utilizing standard safety equipment. They are designed for entry level racers as young as 8 years old and are an economical way for families to introduce their children to racing and give them an opportunity to develop their racing skills before moving into a higher racing division. Complete cars and parts may be purchased through 600 Racing/Roger Austin at 703-791-0051. Roger also offers INEX Bandolero driver-training classes at Old Dominion Speedway.

Pure Stock (Sponsored by Manassas Cab)

Pure Stock cars are 2 and 4-door American stock production cars with 6 or 8 cylinder engines. These cars are required to have limited modifications to prepare them for racing and specific safety equipment but are not permitted to incorporate performance enhancing modifications – they must adhere to stock production components and specifications. As a result, Pure Stock cars are affordable to build and race but are challenging to drive. Drivers may be experienced or entry level – either way, they put on a great show.

Street Stock (SS)

Mid Atlantic Sportsman series Street Stock cars are 1970 or newer American production cars with 8 cylinder engines. Similar to the Pure Stock cars in many ways, Street Stock cars are permitted to make limited performance-enhancing modifications and use wide racing tires to get their power to the track. Drivers are both entry level and experienced.

OD Kart Series

The Old Dominion Kart series is a separate series of Sunday races offering a variety of Go Kart classes primarily oriented to families interested in introducing their children to motor sports at a young age. Karts are a very popular racing venue for young and old, experienced and inexperienced drivers. The cost to race karts is relatively low but the race action is thrilling and competitive. Assistance is available from OD Kart series. For information, please contact Michelle Miranda at 703-508-6174, Jerry Deem 703-856-6931 or call Old Dominion Speedway 703-361-7753.