Old Dominion Dragstrip 5.90 - 6.0 Index Info

Preparations are under way to run the 5.90-6.0 Index class again in 2012. The rules will stay the same as they were last season, having been modified to permit a greater range of cars to compete – everything from street to race prepped. The payouts will be determined by the amount of sponsorship that is obtained, with the total amount of sponsorship being divided evenly among the seven races and split between the winner, runner-up and semi finalists. Paid entry fees collected at each race will be retained and awarded to the championship finalists at the season-ending banquet.

Check out the rules and info and join us for a super season at the track.

Class Sponsors:

Joyce Koons Honda Buick GMC
P & C Racing
CMI Companies
Prince William Garage Door
EB3 Motorsports
Rogers Automotive
That Glass Place
Jim McKay Chevrolet

Race Dates:

Friday, April 6
Friday, May 4
Friday June 1
Friday, July 6
Friday, August 3
Friday, September 7
Friday, October 5

Purse: To be determined by total amount of sponsorship obtained, total to be divided evenly among seven races.

Year End Bonus: ODS banquet – trophy, jacket and Gold Card to Champion plus proceeds from paid entries at seven events.

Format for Race: Qualify all cars on time. Run on .4 Pro tree in eliminations using Pro ladder (1 races 16, etc.)

Entry Fees: 2012 registration and car number, $50. Race entry fee for car and driver, $50.

Tech Coordinators: Eric Stewart, Tracy Day

2012 ODS 5.90 – 6.00 Index Class Rules

1. Index – Race index will be 5.90, 5.95 or 6.00, to be determined by drawing on race day.

2. Qualifying – Assuming, as example, 6.00 index, run 5.99 or quicker in both qualifying passes, you go to the back of the qualifying field. If you run 6.001 in one run and 5.99 in another, you will use the 6.001 as your qualifying time.

3. Breakout – Assuming, as example, 6.00 index, run quicker than a 6.000 in eliminations and you lose. If two cars run 5.99 or quicker against each other in eliminations, the one closest to 6.000 wins.

4. Fouls – Races with both cars in fault situation – first or worst will apply.

5. Tires – Anything goes.

6. Power Adder – Power adder combinations allowed; i.e. Turbo+Nitrous, Supercharger+Nitrous

7. Exhaust – Mufflers are not required.

8. Wheelie Bars – Permitted.

9. Safety – Fully operational parachute required if car is capable of running 130 mph or faster. Neck collar required. HANS Device recommended. Helmet meeting Snell 2000 or better required. Fire retardant gloves, jacket and pants required. Fire retardant shoes recommended.

10. Seat Belts – All seat belts must be 5-point harness or better. All belts may be no more than 2 years old. Any belts with safety tag and date torn or cut off will be deemed expired and will not be allowed to run.

11. Chassis – Roll cage is mandatory at a 6-point minimum – 12-point recommended. Window net recommended.

12. Standard Equipment – Tail light(s) required and must be working.

13. Elimination Ladder – An all-run field will be qualified for eliminations. Eliminations will be run on a pro tree using a pro ladder: 1 runs 16, etc.

14. Points – Points standings will be kept for a year-end prize. For each race, 5 bonus points will be awarded to the #1 qualifier after 2 rounds of qualifying have been completed. ***At the end of the season, all drivers that have qualified for every scheduled race will receive a 30-point bonus in appreciation for their perfect attendance and dedication to this class.***

15. Fuel – Gasoline or alcohol permitted.

16. Electronics – Trans brake permitted. No throttle stops. No down track stutters.

17. Body – Full body cars only.

18. Crew – At no time other than a catastrophic failure will more than 2 crew members per vehicle be allowed past the staging lanes into the Burnout/Starting Line area. Once the vehicle has made its run and is off the track both members of the crew must leave the Starting Line area unless servicing team cars back-to-back.

19. Fighting – Any competitor (driver and crew) involved in physical altercation with others will be subject to immediate disciplinary action and may result in disqualification and loss of points. Any driver or crewmember involved in a physical or verbal altercation with any ODS official will be immediately removed from the speedway and the driver penalized 50 points. This is a zero tolerance rule with no exceptions. Keep cool and keep it fun for everyone. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew.

20. Registration for points and car number will be $50 for season. Entry fee will be $50 per event

21. A driver must qualify the car he/she intends to race. Points go to the driver, not the car.

22. Track official makes the FINAL decision.