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Welcome To The Old Dominion Speedway Rules Section

Here you will find rules for all divisions, which will include any Technical Bulletins issued throughout the season. If you have any questions about any of the rules posted on this site, please use the contact section by clicking Contact Us above.


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UCAR2004Tech1    effective 7/31/04

This technical bulletin documents changes to all previous rules posted or released by Old Dominion Speedway that govern the new UCAR racing division. These rule changes are included in the current rules as Rev C(7/31/04).

1. Competing Car Models

Any American made(Ford, GM, Chrysler) front wheel drive(FWD) ONLY, four cylinder engine, 1980 or newer, car, with a maximum wheelbase of 105”, is approved for competition by ODS. No convertibles, four wheel drive, sports cars, trucks, vans or station wagons allowed. No turbocharged, supercharged, four valve per cylinder, quad 4, rotary or cosworth engined cars allowed.

3.1 Windshield: Full front windshield in stock location is required. Windshield may be factory glass in unbroken condition, with four(4) 1/8” thick retaining tabs bolted to the roof  and to the cowl dash area. Windshield may be Lexan, 3/16” thick. Plexiglass is NOT allowed. Three steel support braces, one (1) inch wide by 1/8 inch thick may be installed on the inside of the windshield. Braces must bolted at one end to the roof and the other end to the dash/firewall area. Braces should not obstruct driver’s vision.

3.4 Headlights, taillights, side marker lights, backup lights, third brake light and exterior side or chrome trim must be removed. Side exterior mirrors must be removed. The resultant openings may be covered with sheet metal. Covers may not have openings for any purpose.

3.6 Interior trim, carpet, headliner, side panels must be removed. All stock OEM seats front and rear must be removed. The rear factory firewall may not be removed or altered.

3.6 A A racing seat must be installed for the driver.

3.8 Fire Walls: Must have full firewalls, front and rear of drivers compartment. Front and rear firewalls must not be altered or moved, and must be in the stock location for the make, model and year car. Firewalls must be sealed with no holes between engine compartment and driver’s compartment.

3.9 Driver’s doors must be welded shut. Passenger side door must be welded or bolted shut. Drivers door may have inner metal panel removed only to provide clearance for NASCAR style door bars which extend into the door area.

3.15 Identification and Markings: See ODS rules for ALL Divisions section 2. Car number must be displayed in five inch high, white characters, in the upper right corner of the windshield. Car number must be displayed on the center of both doors in 18” high numbers. Car number must be displayed on the roof in 24” high numbers. Any car that arrives for an event with an unapproved number may be required to change the number before being allowed to participate in the event.

4.3 Nitrous oxide or other combustion enhancing products or systems are not allowed.

5.7 Exhaust system must include a muffler and must exit behind the driver. Free flow mufflers are allowed. Catalytic converter may be removed. Aftermarket headers are not allowed. Cars determined to exceed track noise limits will be required to modify the exhaust to reduce noise to acceptable levels.

6.2 Deleted

7.2 Locked transaxle is not allowed. Posi-Traction Transaxle is not allowed.

8.2 Tires must be DOT passenger car tires with a minimum aspect ratio of 60. Low profile or high performance tires will not be allowed. Tires may not be treated with any chemical substance. All four tires must be the same size. Tires may not be softer than “58” durometer.

13.1 A racing fuel cell is highly recommended. If the stock gas tank is factory installed ahead of the rear axle, it may be used and must run less than ½ full.

13.2 If the stock gas tank is factory installed behind the rear axle, it must be removed and replaced with a fuel cell or plastic boat tank, maximum capacity 8 gallons. Fuel cell/boat tank must be securely mounted on inside, top of the trunk floor, centered and as far forward as possible, with four(4) steel straps. Trunk floor may not be cut or removed. Fuel cell must be covered by 20 gauge sheet metal. Sheet metal panel may be hinged to provide access to fuel cell/boat tank.

14.2 Driver Restraint Harness. Five point driver’s harness required. See ODS rules for ALL Divisions section 6.

14.6 Rollbars: A four point roll cage is required as a minimum. The 2004 NASCAR rulebook should be used as a guide in construction of the roll cage. Roll cage must be fabricated using round 1 and ¾ diameter x .090 inch minimum wall thickness seamless steel tubing. Roll cage may have three left side door bars , that must be curved and extend into the door. As a minimum X-bracing must be installed between the main roll bar leg and the front cage leg An additional, fourth door bar may be installed below the required three and may be straight or curved. The right side door area will have as minimum X-bracing installed between the main roll bar leg and the front cage leg. Additional bars to brace and reinforce the cage are permitted. These additional bars are not allowed to pass forward of the front firewall and are not allowed to pass rearward of the rear firewall. The four legs of the cage must each be welded to a 3” x 3” x 3/16“ thick steel plate. This plate must be bolted through the floor pan to another 3” x 3” x 3/16” thick steel plate with a minimum of four bolts. Bolts used must be a minimum of ½” diameter grade 5 hardware. Plates may be welded to car as well. Flat steel plates may be replaced by 3” x 3” x 3” x 3/16” thick angle steel. Angle plates if used may be bolted and /or welded to the rocker panels of the car.

14.7 Deleted.

14.8 All roll bars within the driver’s reach must be covered with roll bar padding. Hi-density, flame resistant, SFI 45.1 approved impact padding is highly recommended.

15.1 Management claim rule is in effect at all times. Claim amount is $550 for complete car, less driver’s seat, restraint harness, fire extinguisher, fuel cell (if installed). If owner and/or driver refuse to sell car, they will be suspended for the remainder of the season/year and will loose ALL track points and prize fund monies.

Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to a member of the ODS technical crew.  

Hayne Domminick -ODS General Manager    [email protected]

Gilbert Grable -ODS Technical Director        [email protected]


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