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“The ODS Big One” 10-23-04
Pre-race activities at 5:00


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250-Lap Late Model Stock Car
Saturday, October 23rd


October 22, 2004 (Friday)

12:00 noon                Check-In
02:00 pm to dusk       Open Practice

Additional Open Practices:
October 6, 2004
October 15, 2004
October 20, 2004
Gates open at 3:00 pm, practice 4-7 pm
Admission: $20 per person in the pits

The Big One Party at O'Meara's Restaurant.  Click here for more information.


October 23, 2004 (Saturday)

08:00 am                   Registration Opens
09:00 am                   Tech Inspection
11:00 am                   Drivers’ Meeting
11:30 am                   Practice
03:00 pm                   Time Trials
05:00 - 06:30 pm        The Heavy Country
                                 Band on the ODS
                                 Party Stage

05:00 pm                   Fan Appreciation /
                                 Pre-race Activities
06:00 pm                   Green Flag

Just Announced:  Jim Carson, editor of Late Model Digest, to attend the ODS Big One.  Click here for more information.

Just Announced:  Craig Murton, publisher of Late Model Racer, to attend the ODS Big One.  Click here for more information.

Just Announced:  ODS welcomes Mike O'Meara of The Don & Mike Show to the ODS Big One.  Click here for more information.

Rain Date:              
Race (RAIN DATE) -
October 24, 2004 (Sunday)

10:00 am                  Registration Opens
12:00 noon                Practice
02:00 pm                  Time Trials
04:00 pm                  Green Flag

Old Dominion Speedway
10611 Dumfries Road
Manassas, VA  20110

703-361-RACE • 703-361-7753  •
703-361-8796 (Fax)

[email protected]

Late Model Stock Car Teams/Drivers participating in The NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series and other series which comply with NASCAR/Old Dominion Speedway Late Model Stock Car rules and regulations.

All Late Model Stock Car entries must comply with NASCAR and Old Dominion’s standard Late Model Stock Car rules and the special rules governing The ODS Big One race.  Please see Old Dominion’s website or call ODS for further information.

All teams entering The ODS Big One must pay a registration fee of $50.00 per car. 

Click here for the registration form.

The Friday practice is $20.00 per person including drivers, crews, etc. for all practice admittance.  Fans in the stands are free.

Drivers/Pit Entry costs on race day per person at Old Dominion Speedway are $25.00 with a NASCAR license and $35.00 without a NASCAR license.  You must be 16 years or older to gain pit entry.

General Admittance for Grandstand Seating:

Adult Ticket (16 & up) - $15.00         
Youth Ticket (6 to 15 years old) - $  6.00
Children (5 & under) - FREE
Senior Citizens (55 & up) - 10% Discount

Tickets are available in advance by contacting the Speedway.

All drivers/cars will qualify for placement based on lap timing.  Each driver/car will be afforded two laps for qualifying purposes.  There will be thirty-two (32) positions including two (2) ODS provisionals.  The top twenty (20) qualifying drivers will automatically be included in The ODS Big One and placed in the order in which they qualified.  There will be no inversion.

One or two 25-Lap Heat races based on qualifying times, if required, will be run to determine the balance of the field.  If only one heat race, ten (10) cars will be added based on the heat race finish.

If two 25-Lap Heat races are run, five (5) cars from each heat race will be added to the field based on the heat race finish.

Old Dominion Speedway reserves the right to add up to two (2) provisionals for its drivers/teams based on their points on the day of the race if these drivers/teams are unable to make the field.  All provisional positions will start last or next to last.  If provisionals are not required, up to two (2) cars will be added from the heat race(s) to yield a field of thirty-two (32) total cars.  In the event of a heat race tie, the best qualifying time will prevail.

The Race:    
250 laps of excitement, featuring up to thirty-two (32) of the best Late Model Stock cars.  At Lap 125, a 15-minute break will be taken to permit teams to pit for fuel and to make chassis adjustments only.  No parts may be changed (i.e., carburetor, springs, sway bar, etc.).  Two sticker tires may be put on at the half-way break.   UPDATE 10-19-04 In an effort to reduce costs to teams racing in The Big One, ODS has withdrawn the option to put on two sticker tires at the half-way break.  Teams may rotate tires already on car, but will not be permitted to install other tires.

The first place finisher for The ODS Big One race will win $10,000.00.  Purse winnings for The ODS Big One race will include up to thirty-two (32) positions.  For the heat races, a small purse will also be paid and will be determined by ODS track officials.  The total purse winnings will be the largest ever paid at Old Dominion Speedway.

Just Announced:  Special Awards to be presented at the ODS Big One.  Click here for more information.

Support Races:      
Two support races are planned for The ODS Big One:  a 100-lap Grand Stock race and a 30-lap Legends race.

Special Conditions of The ODS Big One:

1.       All cars/drivers that are eligible to race must first pass a successful tech inspection by Old Dominion Speedway officials.  Old Dominion Speedway reserves its right with regards to suitability of a driver and/or car and may at its sole discretion refuse to allow a car/driver team to participate in The ODS Big One race or heat race.   

2.       All cars/drivers/teams must purchase Goodyear Model 2402 Late Model Stock Car tires from Old Dominion Speedway for The ODS Big One race.  Goodyear Tires cost $127.50 plus tax (price includes mounting and disposal of the old tires).   

3.       The use of anti-freeze in cooling system is not permitted. 

4.       All cars/drivers/teams must also install the specified muffler as indicated in the Old Dominion Speedway late model rules.   

5.       All cars/drivers/teams are permitted to use practice tires not purchased from Old Dominion Speedway for practice only. 

6.       Pit/field preferential parking will first be provided to ODS drivers/teams participating in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series at Old Dominion Speedway.  For the actual race, the top thirty-two (32) teams/drivers will be afforded pit/field placement.  Parking cannot be reserved. 

7.       Each team must have a spotter positioned in the reserved grandstand area adjacent to the control tower.  Teams without a spotter in required area will not be permitted to start the race. 

8.       All cars must be equipped with a working AMB Transponder.  Rental units are available for $35.00 plus deposit.  See ODS Rules for mounting location. 

9.       Caution laps will be counted. 

10.     Track rules do not permit work to be performed on cars during a red flag period.  Penalty for violating: car will not be permitted to re-enter race. 

11.     Race will not end under caution.  Green, white, checker finish will be in effect. 

12.     Overnight RV parking is available at no charge (no hook-ups). 

Should you have any additional questions regarding this race, accommodations, tech inspections, directions, or need any further information, please feel free to contact Old Dominion Speedway for assistance.  The management, staff and fans at Old Dominion Speedway look forward to having you compete at our facility where racing is truly legendary. 


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