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2006 SBRA
Tickets and Season Passes


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SBRA (Southern Bracket Racing) Drag Racing per event

* Adult Ticket, includes Pit Admission (16 years & older) $15.00

* Youth Ticket (6 to 15 years) $6.00

* Children’s Ticket (0 to 5 years) Free

Southern Bracket Racing Season Pass

Good for all SBRA Drag Races, excluding special events.

Season Pass must be purchased by April 23, 2006.

* Adult Season Pass (16 years & older) $275.00

* Youth Season Pass (6 to 15 years) $99.00

Season Passes are not interchangeable between the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series and Southern Bracket Drag Racing events. Old Dominion Speedway supports its senior patrons, all individuals 55 and older receive a 10% discount off of published ticket/season pass prices. Old Dominion accepts cash, check and credit card (Visa/Mastercard) payments.


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