To All Drivers, Crew Members, Families, and Everyone Involved In Racing At ODS,

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. It seems like only yesterday that we were packing up the cars for the last race at ODS, but how time flies! It’s only a few short months away from opening day, 1998, at the Old Dominion Speedway. A schedule for the 1998 Winston Racing Series season is enclosed with this letter.


First off, the ODS Banquet, ( or party as Dick Gore refers to it ) is February 21st at 8:00 PM at the Prince William National Guard Armory, Manassas, Va., directly across from the Speedway (this change will NOT affect current reservations). Ticket prices are $10.00 per person. Make sure you call the racetrack and make reservations. Space is limited, so call early. It is a BYOB affair, so bring what you like, but please remember the designated driver.

The ODS Car Show at the Manassas Mall is the weekend of March 20 – 22. The deal is the same as it has been over the years. Give me a call at (703) 368-1002 or (703) 631-1205 for reservations. Space is limited for this for about 20 – 25 cars, so call ASAP. The cars will be rolled in the night of the 19th at about 10 PM, and can be removed on Sunday the 22nd around 6:30 PM. If you want to rope them off, you can. Also, make sure the batteries are disconnected, no fuel, and bring a drip pan if the motor or rear end has any fluid in it. Also, bring some cardboard or carpet to place under the tires. Shining the cars up is okay, but don’t do any spraying of liquids because Anna Griffin ( Manassas Mall Marketing ) gets a little excited about getting the marble floor slick.

Another issue is the new car and driver changes for the 1998 season. It seems there is a lot of movement this season so it is VERY important that you let me know any change in your plans for 1998. If you plan to change classes or car numbers this season, you need to let me know. I have a lot of numbers that have been issued for 1998, and also a lot of numbers that became available that were unused from last season. I would hate to see someone come to the show or track with a beautiful race car with a number I’ve already issued to someone else. Remember, if you reserved a number last season and did not race, the number becomes available this season. Pass the word.

The 1998 rules ( GS – MS – SS only ) are also enclosed. There are not many changes this season. If you have any questions, call Mike Kivett at (301) 855-4399 between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM during the week only.

The ODS WEB Site ( is now current. I will be maintaining the site eventually, but I still am in the training mode. It will not only be for the oval track, but drag racing, karting, and special events will also be featured as well. Check it out.


See you later,

Dave Menefee