Kart/Mini Cup competition is a sport and its purpose is to provide fun and enjoyment for the entire family. The rules and regulations are written in a simple manner so the participant can understand and compete legally. For those who wish to compete with basically stock equipment, in accordance with WKA, MMRA,and MASCAR rules, stock classes are established.



1. Eligibility

Pro-Kart Motorsports Inc. will schedule racing events at Old Dominion Speedway. Only members of Pro-Kart Motorsports Club Inc. may compete. Membership fees are as follows: $25.00 annual Driver membership with $3.00 off Oct. 10 and $3.00 off Oct. 11 race of 1998. You must race a minimum of six races in 1998 to be eligible for the championship points. (In 1998 all entries will be invited to our banquet.) Everyone that goes into the infield must be a member. There will not be a charge for non-driver membership, but a membership form must be filled out. If you elect not to be a full driver member you will pay $5.00 more per race and the membership form must be filled out. Entry fee for karts and Mini Cups rigid and driver is $28.00. An additional kart/mini cup rigid with same driver is $20.00 per kart/mini cup. Pit pass will be $10.00 per person for each event. (crew people, infield spectators, media and vendors.)

Because of MMRA sanctions, the charge for Mini Cup Suspended and driver per race is $37.00. Additional Mini Cup Suspended same driver is $25.00.

** If during the year O.D.S./PKMI and the sanctioning body of the Mini Cup Rigid set up O.D.S. as a sanction track, Mini Cup Rigid entry fee will be the same as the suspended class.

** Please note: on special events all of the above fees will not be the same.


A member competing in any event shall make it his duty to present a neat appearance. Drivers at all times will be responsible for the conduct of their pit crew. Any person who has consumed any alcoholic or tranquilizing drugs on the day of the race event will not be allowed to compete. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY NOT BE CONSUMED BY PARTICIPANTS, CREW OR OFFICIALS AT ANY EVENT AT THE TRACK OR ON THE PREMISES. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED AT ALL TIMES.


Any competitor who would falsify his age or modify his engine with the intent to compete illegally, or defraud officials by such modifications or actions, is subject to suspension and loss of points and/awards for that event upon review of all evidence by P.K.M.I. officials.


Per WKA, MMRA and MASCAR Rule Books with the exception of Junior Sportsman 1 is 7 to 10, not 8 to 10.


Per WKA, MMRA and MASCAR Rule Books.


Because of most drivers having a favorite number, O.D.S./P.K.M.I. does not want to force you to be assigned a number, therefore, you may use whatever number you have, but when there are two numbers in the same class we will have to use a letter or color behind the number you have.


Flags per WKA, MMRA, and MASCAR Rule books except yellow: When caution flag is displayed, the whole track is immediately under caution. The race will revert back to the last completed lap for single file restarting with the karts. No one will race back to the finish line, you will slow down to a safe speed and you will stay in your position at the time of the caution to allow the Flagman to restart the Race.

The Champ Karts and the Mini Cups will follow the pace car during a caution and on the start of the of the race. All types (Champs & Mini Cups) when the yellow flag comes out, the whole track will go immediately under caution on the 3/8 mile oval track.

***Champ Karts and Mini Cups:

Because of the size of the 3/8 mile oval. Foul driving, bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking and checking up will not be tolerated. In fact there is no need in any foul driving, if your Champ Kart/Mini Cup is faster just go around the other competitor.

A competitor must always be prepared for another competitor to pass and must therefore be on the lookout for the approach from behind of other, faster karts. The deliberate blocking of a faster kart is cause for that kart to go to the rear of the pack or disqualification.

Any foul driving, unnecessary bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking or unsportsmanlike conduct on either course will subject the competitor to go to the rear of the pack or disqualification.

When two vehicles are entering a turn together, the vehicle that is behind, whether it be an inch or several feet, is required to negotiate the turn without endangering or impairing the progress of the vehicle in front. Conversely, the vehicle in front should not take a deliberate course for the reason of crowding a following competitor off the course.

If any component of the racing vehicle becomes deranged so that in the opinion of the flagman it is unsafe or illegal, the vehicle will be removed from the course by being black/orange flagged. If in the opinion of race officials, the defect cannot be repaired properly, the entry will be retired from the race.

When the checkered flag is shown, there will be one cool down lap ending the race, all vehicles will proceed to the scales for weight check. DRIVERS CANNOT HAVE FOOD, DRINK OR ANYTHING ON PERSON THAT WAS NOT THERE DURING THE RACE, UNTIL WEIGHT CHECK IS COMPLETED.


In addition to pre-race inspection, all vehicles are subject to a technical inspection after each race at the discretion of the race officials. Any person not willing to prepare his vehicle or engine for inspection will be disqualified from the event and subject to suspension from the club.


The kart/mini cup frame is the official entry for the complete event. Kart/Mini Cup frame or engine change between the heat and the feature is permitted as set forth below:

a. Change of ENGINE after heat races:

(1) Notify Technical Adviser and get approval.

(2) Give original engine to Technical Adviser to hold for

possible future inspection.

(3) Start the feature in the rear of the pack.

b. Change of KART/MINI CUP FRAME after qualification:

(1) Original frame must be disabled.

(2) Change must be approved by race director.

(3) Start the feature in the rear of the pack.

(4) Tires and wheels are NOT part of the frame.

10. PITS

At no time shall anyone but authorized personnel or club members enter the pit area. Any entrant disposing of fuels or lubricants in the pit area or on the course by pouring or spilling such fuels or lubricants upon the ground may be subject to expulsion from the pit area. No open flames. There will be no reckless driving of karts/mini cup in pit area. The number of persons allowed in the pits will be determined by race officials.


Refer to Old Dominion Speedway Class Line Up Sheet for classes. Refer to WKA, MMRA, and MASCAR Technical Manual for weight, specs, engine, etc. of each class.


At Old Dominion Speedway you may run hard or soft rubber. WKA, MMRA, and MASCAR will apply per class.


At Old Dominion Speedway you may run whatever gear set up you wish.

14. LAPS

2 sets of, 8 practice laps (this is subject to change due to the size of the field) 8 Heat Laps, 20 Feature Laps on the inside track. 15 Feature Laps on the 3/8 mile oval track.

**** (These numbers above are subject to change (MORE). On TV events this will change)


There will be a minimum of three karts/mini cups to make up a class to be eligible for a First place trophy. A three kart/mini cup minimum average for the year will be required for Championship Awards at the 1998 Banquet. If the average is below three, only recognition of the Champion will be done at the Banquet.


 Only a participant who finishes in the winner’s circle can be subject to an engine protest which requires a TEARDOWN. The winner’s circle will consist of the top 5 finishers in each class or as determined by the Race Director. An engine protest can only be made by a finisher within the winner’s circle. For example, a 5th place finisher can protest the 2nd place finisher. Anyone finishing 6th, 7th, etc. on back cannot file an engine protest. A protest fee of $75.00 will be provided by the protester. If the engine is determined to be legal, $25.00 of the protest fee will be awarded to the engine owner the other goes to the track. If the engine is illegal, the $75.00 protest fee will be returned to the protester. All protests shall be submitted in writing to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the given competition. THE RACE DIRECTOR’S DECISION WILL BE CONSIDERED FINAL.

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