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Dear Racers,

I am excited about a new year of racing at Old Dominion Speedway. There are some new things happening, so please take the time to read over this letter.

I would like to state in the beginning part of this letter that I am committed to making kart racing at Old Dominion Speedway the best it can possibly be. This year we will have fourteen race days, with three throw away days. We have tried not to schedule any races during WKA National events, however, we have scheduled October 10 and 11th , which is a WKA National event. So plan to participate in our 1998 championship race season.

The first of the exciting news is the use of the 3/8 mile, 50 ft. wide oval track. (stock car track) The mini cups, suspension and rigid, as well as the champ karts will run on this track.

In 1998, because of the use of both of the tracks, we are going to have to park tighter in the infield to accommodate everyone.

March 20-22 there will be an Old Dominion Speedway Car and Kart show at the Manassas Mall. We will be allowed to have a number of karts/mini cups on display. If you would like to be a part of this and display your kart, please let me know. Space is limited and we need to plan ahead.

More exciting news-- Lewis Baird will be our Flagman again, and new for 1998, Bill Tweeden who has forty years of karting experience will be our Race Director. I really feel that these two men enable us to be an even more professionally run kart and mini cup track.

On June 14th, we plan to have a MMRA/Miniature Motorsports Racing Association National event, which will air on HTS. The classes that will run on that day are both styles of Mini Cups and champs 1 & 2. We would like for all of our classes to be able to race, but because of this being a National MMRA event that will not be possible. However, I would like to have a televised event for all of our racers. If you know or work for anyone that would be a possible sponsor, the televised broadcast is very reasonable.

In previous newsletters WKA Parental Consent Forms have been enclosed. Our present insurance (K & K) requires an original and unfolded form. If you are bringing a minor (person under 18 years of age) with you to go in the infield or to race, we must have a form either notarized by his or her parent or legal guardian or the parent must be present to sign for them at registration. The minor child has to sign the back portion of this document. There will be no exceptions. If you need a form prior to the race to be able to bring a friend out with you, we will be glad to send you one.

On the Nov. 15th and 16th race the 19 Mini cups looked great on the big track. On those two days we did not run the champs, because I wanted to do testing with the champs. Plus, I have talked extensively with experienced Champ drivers and promoters. O.D.S. will run WKA standards with the exceptions of roll bar pads on the top of the roll cage and the two side bars. Second, on the two seat struts there will be a minimum of a two inch washer on each strut or a piece of metal two inches wide going from one side to the other, in the shape of a horseshoe. Call one of the parts suppliers on the attached flyer to help you with this. I will have a few of these at the first race. The wing on top is not required, but you can run one if you like. The weight of the kart will still be the same, with or without the wing .

The attached class list has some changes, please look this over. We have lowered the age on JR. 1 to 7 through 10.

Please keep the attached flyers for dates, times, classes, suppliers etc.

If weather is a question please call 540-636-2145 or on the day of the race by 9:00am we will put weather info. on 703-361-7753 or 703-361-RACE.

We look forward to seeing everyone in March!

O.D.S. IS GOING TO BE GREAT IN 98! (Back To Home Page)

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Good Racing!

Fred Wilkerson

President PKMI