2002: It came down to the final night of racing action after a long tough season for 4 of the 5 featured divisions at ODS before the track champions could be crowned. Only Jimmy Hardin had wrapped up the Redman Fleet Service Grand Stock division, soundly defeating Chris Donnelly two weeks prior, the final difference being 48 points. Mike Darne, who had been handed the point lead in the Late Model division earlier in the season after Mark McFarland had horrific luck in twin 50 lap events, giving up some 70 points on just one night. Another gift was given to Darne on the final night, a scoring error, which allowed him to finish 10th instead of 11th, giving him the Late Model championship by just 2 points over McFarland. The Mini Stock crown was taken, for the 2nd year in a row, by Sean Dawson, edging veteran Mike Carte by 20 points. Jeff Sisak outdueled Les Miranda for the Gaston Automotive Speedway Sportsman crown by 8 points, while Kevin Yeatts finally took home the INEX Legends crown after coming so close in the previous two seasons.