1. ODS Technical Rules and Inspections goals are: SAFETY - Establish and inspect for minimum safety equipment requirements PERFORMANCE - Inspect ALL competitors equally for conformance to the rules. COST - Establish rules which minimize cost, enhance inspectability, and maximize division car count.

2. Minimum safety requirements are upgraded from previous years. The racing community learns more about safety every year. Some of these new requirements will be passed along to you. This is done for YOUR safety. If you want to race at ODS, your car must meet the minimum safety requirements.

Safety equipment should be available every raceday at the track this year. Eyebolts and snaphooks are no longer permitted to mount safety harnesses.

3. 2004 is a new year. I don't care about who did what in previous years. I don't care how long you have raced with it the way it is. I don't care who's car this was last year. What I care about is that everyone's car is safe and meets the requirements of the rules.

4. Zero Tolerance - There will be Zero tolerance on the following items this year. Cars should be presented to the pad/scales in ready to race condition. Drivers must be wearing their helmet and no equipment will be allowed on or in the car when the car is inspected. Read the General rules concerning qualifying.

Ground Clearance - Front air dams, rocker panels and frames. One shot, no adjustments, Fix it AND go to the rear of the line AND get only one lap of qualifying. Tire size is NOT a valid excuse for being too low.

Weight - One pound under is under. Fix it AND go to the rear of the line AND get only one lap of qualifying. ONE crew member and the official operating the scales may look at the scale display. Track scales are the scales that count. Competitors have access to them during practice. Don't forget to fuel the car and monitor the driver's weight loss throughout the season.

5. Exhaust Leaks will not be allowed. All exhaust must exit the tailpipe.

6. Be prepared to open the ends of frame rails and weight boxes in order to check for proper ballast painting and securing.

7. All cars will be required to go through a tech-line to receive a basic safety inspection BEFORE being allowed to practice. Get to the track early and have your cars safety equipment ready for inspection when you ARRIVE at the track.

8. If you have any suggestions for revisions to rules or track procedures, submit them in writing to the technical director, (Gilbert Grable, [email protected]). We can't consider change if we don't know about an idea or problem. On the other hand don't be offended if your idea doesn't get implemented. You are not aware of all the issues that must be dealt with from the official's side of the fence.

9. Finally: Don't ask an official for a break or favor. You wouldn't want your competitors to receive special treatment. Be prepared to fix things that may be questionable or very close to the limit.

10. All competitors are encouraged to read and be familiar with the ODS General Rules, ODS Rules for ALL Divisions and the Rules for their Division.

Old Dominion Speedway Tech and Track Officials welcome all competitors and look forward to a safe, professional and exciting 2004 racing season.