All cars participating in the Speedway Sportsman Division must be stock in every aspect with the following exceptions. When the word "STOCK" is used, it means as it came from the factory for that particular year and model in question. This also includes replacement parts by part number. Any questions on parts need to be directed to the Race Director. The Speedway Sportsman Division is designed to promote a greater interest in Stock Car racing and to enable new and experienced drivers to compete in a racing division without spending a lot of money.

COMPETING MODELS: Any American made two (2) door model sedan, 1969 to 1993.


BODIES: All body panels and air dams must be stock appearing for make, model, and year of car. A FLAT fiberglass hood can be used and all hoods will meet windshield flush with no openings. Except as amended by this section, shall also comply with Section 20J-3.2.4, 20J-3.3, 20J-3.5, 20J-3.6, 20J-3.7, 20J-3.8, 20J-3.9 and 20J-3.10 of LMSC Rule Book. No rear spoilers allowed in 2003.

FIREWALLS: All cars must have full firewalls of magnetic steel not less than twenty-two (22) gauge. Firewall shall not be altered or moved and must be in stock location for make and model used. All firewalls must be sealed with no holes between engine compartment and driver compartment.

WINDSHIELD AND REAR WINDOW: Windshield must be Lexan with three (3) interior braces. Rear window may be either Lexan or Plexiglass and have two (2) exterior braces. All other glass must be removed. See Section 20J-3.2.1 and 20J-3.2.2 of the LMSC Rule Book. Note: The inside of rear window not required to have two (2) metal braces.

FRAMES: Frame must remain stock in every way! No offset, offsetting, notching, or stepping of frames will be allowed. Front and rear snouts must be in stock locations. Frame height must be at least five (5) inches at the lowest point of the car. NO CROSS BRACING OR X-BRACING ALLOWED.

ROLL CAGE: All cars must have a full NASCAR legal roll cage installed. (See back pages of NASCAR Rule Book for construction diagrams – and Section 20J-17.4). All bars must be padded that are within driver's reach. It is MANDATORY that ALL Speedway Sportsman cars have a ONE (1) PIECE, one – eighth (1/8) inch thick, magnetic steel plate installed over the OUTSIDE of the driver’s side door bars. It shall cover the ENTIRE driver’s side door area and MUST BE WELDED to the roll bars. Bolts, rivets, etc to attach WILL NOT BE ALLOWED, nor will holes of any kind be permitted.

WHEELBASE: A minimum length of one hundred five (105) inches and a maximum length of one hundred twelve (112) inches will be allowed. WHEELBASE MUST BE STOCK FOR MODEL BEING USED. A maximum allowable tolerance will be + or - one half (1/2) inch on either side of car.

TREADWIDTH: A maximum allowable treadwidth of sixty four and one half (64-1/2) inches on both front and rear. A tolerance of one half (1/2) inch between front and rear will be allowed as long as maximum width does not exceed the allowable measurement.

SUSPENSION: Spring size may be changed. A MANDATORY Afco shock will be used on both front and rear. Any "12" ( twelve ) Series shock can be used ( Example : 1273 FB ). Both shocks to be mounted inside rail. Front lower and rear control arms must be mounted in stock locations. Front upper control arm may be aftermarket. Front upper and front lower control arms must be same length, left to right. No offset control arms allowed. Lower control arms must be stock in length. No mono-balls or hiem joints allowed in control arms or trailing arms. Front lower control arm bushings and rear trailing arm bushings shall use stock rubber bushings only. No solid, neoprene, or performance enhancing type bushing will be allowed. Front sway bar must be stock OEM for model being used. A third link is allowed on rear. Must be a solid bar. A panard bar is permitted. No rear sway bar allowed. Jack bolts or wedge bolts may be installed in stock spring location. Spring location on frame must remain in stock position. Leaf spring cars remain the same with adjustable slide bar. All other suspension parts must remain stock for model of car as manufactured. NO MODIFICATIONS !!!!

WEIGHT: Including driver - weight must be maintained at all times. All cars will maintain a minimum weight of three thousand one hundred (3100) pounds with a minimum right side weight of one thousand four hundred (1400) pounds. Adding fuel, oil, or water will not be allowed after race is complete.

ADDED CAR WEIGHT: Shall comply with Section 20J-2.3 of the LMSC Rule Book.

WHEELS: Wheel must be fifteen (15) inches by eight (8) inches. All wheels are measured at bead. Must be a steel wheel. All wheels must have the same offset.

TIRES: The Speedway Sportsman Division will be assigned a track tire that will be used by all competing in the Division.

BRAKES: Brakes must be stock for model being used. No brake compensators allowed. OEM disc brakes can be used on any car.

ENGINES: Must be located in stock location !

350 cubic inches with up to .040 overbore.
Cylinder head permitted - World Product Part #4257B or #4257A (Fully Assembled) OR World Product Part #4267B or #4267A (Fully Assembled) or updated Part Numbers (042670) (042670-1) (042670-2)
Head must be a minimum of 70cc and remain stock. No porting, polishing, etc. Engine must have STOCK STROKE. Engine must be as from factory!
Valve sizes:
(Max.) INTAKE - 2.02
(Max.) EXHAUST - 1.60

351 cubic inches Windsor only (no Clevelands) with up to .040 overbore. 351 Windsor heads only.
World Product Part #5303B or 5303A (Fully Assembled) or updated Part Numbers (053030) (053030-1) (053030-2)
Two (2) barrel heads only.
Head must be a minimum of 58cc and remain stock
No porting, polishing, etc. Engine must have STOCK STROKE. Engine must be as from factory!
Valve sizes:
(Max.) INTAKE - 1.940
(Max.) EXHAUST - 1.600

360 cubic inches with up to .040 overbore. Head must be a minimum of 70cc and remain stock. No porting, polishing, etc. Engine must have STOCK STROKE. Engine must be as from factory!
Valve sizes:


ENGINE BLOCK: Must be stock OEM part number. No aftermarket block will be allowed. No angle cutting of deck. Piston to deck clearance will be zero (0). Maximum overbore will be forty (40) thousandths. Connecting rods, pistons, crankshafts, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, must remain stock as provided from factory. NOTE: SOME EXHAUST MANIFOLDS FROM FACTORY ARE HIGH PERFORMANCE AND ARE NOT PERMITTED. DIRECT QUESTIONS CONCERNING LEGALITY TO THE RACE DIRECTOR.

ENGINE LOCATION: Must be mounted in stock location with stock mounting points, front-to-back, side-to-side.

CYLINDER HEADS: Cylinder heads may not be ported or polished in any manner. No angle milling of cylinder head on intake or block surface will be permitted. No high flow valves can be used. OEM replacement valves only. NO titanium valves allowed. Valve springs and valve retainers must be steel.

PISTONS: FLAT TOP PISTONS ONLY !!! Piston must be stock OEM replacement. NO aftermarket pistons will be allowed. Piston pin location and diameter must remain stock. Piston ring must remain in stock location. No milling of skirt or top of piston permitted.

CRANKSHAFTS: OEM stock crankshaft for engine being used. No aftermarket crankshafts will be allowed. No polishing or lightening of crankshaft permitted. NO STEEL CRANKSHAFTS ALLOWED !!! CAST CRANKSHAFTS ONLY !!! Stroke length must not be altered. Stock harmonic balancer only for engine being used.

CONNECTING RODS: OEM stock rods. No lightening or polishing will be permitted. Rod length for cubic displacement used may not be changed. Only stock rod lengths will be permitted.

CAMSHAFT: Only hydraulic lifters and camshafts allowed. No roller camshafts allowed. Stock rockers only. Camshaft lift must not exceed maximum lift of four hundred eighty (480) thousandths at valve retainer. Measurement will be checked with a solid lifter at zero (0) lash. No anti-pump up lifters permitted. Flat tappets only.
ROCKER ARMS: Only stock, 1.5 or 1.6 rocker arms allowed. ALL 16 rockers MUST BE THE SAME SIZE.

DISTRIBUTOR: Stock distributor will be permitted. Electronic ignition system using stock, over the counter, OEM is allowed. No MSD or any similar type system or distributor allowed. Tachometers must be equipped with a quick disconnect for easy removal.

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Tubular steel exhaust headers are allowed. Cyclone Part # 85001 for Chevy engines. See Race Director for Ford Engines. NOTE:SOME

All Speedway Sportsman competing at the Old Dominion Speedway in 2003 shall have one (1) Magna Flow Performance Muffler (Part # 12298). All exhaust pipe shall be three (3) inch round, magnetic steel, fastened to header collector and to the frame in a secure manner acceptable to track officials. Cross-over pipes, merge pipes, merge systems, or any other device to reduce the interior diameter of exhaust system WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. The above-mentioned muffler must remain stock as from the factory. ANY modification or alteration of any kind will result in the loss of all points up to and including the date of infraction, and/or other penalties deemed necessary by track officials. All cars must maintain a decibel level of 99 Db’s or below at all times. Track officials will monitor decibel levels constantly. Tailpipe must turn to face ground under car. All pipes must be painted white. ANY QUESTIONS CONCERNING LEGALITY SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO BILLY McCORD.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Tachometers must be equipped with a quick disconnect for easy removal. An electrical cut off switch (that cuts off ALL power) shall be mounted in the center of the dashboard that can be easily reached from both sides of the car from the outside and by the driver. Battery must be installed in a completely enclosed battery box behind the driver. The battery mounting position must be acceptable to track officials.

ELECTRICAL WIRING: All wiring shall be in the open, visible, and traceable from termination point to termination point. No taping or wrapping of wires allowed. Bundling is allowed by using small, clear tie wraps only. Termination blocks are recommended for any splicing that may be necessary. Where termination blocks are used, they must be in the open, visible, and easily accessible.

STARTER: All cars must have a working and functioning starter. See Section 20J-6.4 of LMSC Rule Book.

RADIATOR: May be aluminum, such as Howe or Afco. Radiator must be mounted in a safe manner. All radiators must have a shroud covering fan. (See LMSC Fan Shroud Rule) No electric fans allowed. See Section 20J-7.3 and except as amended elsewhere in LMSC Rule Book Section 20J-7.4.

RADIATOR OVERFLOW PIPE: All coolant overflow hoses will exit from under the hood at right side windshield post facing upward.

LUBRICATION: Any oil permitted. Any approved oil filters or breather caps can be used. Dry sump oiling systems not allowed. No external or belt driven oil pumps permitted. Remote oil filters and oil coolers are not allowed.

FUEL PUMP: Must be stock type. No electric fuel pumps allowed. Same as LMSC Rule Book. Section 20J-16.5.

FUEL: No mixing of racing fuel and pump gas permitted. Drivers will be given an information sheet at the start of the season to let track officials know the type of fuel being used in each car. The fuel will be chemically tested.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: NO PORTING OR POLISHING IN ANY MANNER !!!! No angle milling of any surface on manifold. No angle milling of carburetor spacer permitted.


G/M - Edelbrock Part #2101
FORD - Edelbrock Part #2181
CHRYSLER - Edelbrock Part #2176


CARBURETORS: Holley 2300 - two (2) barrel model #7448. NO MODIFICATIONS TO CARBURETOR ALLOWED !!!! No drilling or changing of any diameter in airbleeds, metering plates, throttle shaft, etc. No swapping of metering plates. Choke butterfly may be removed. When removing choke linkage on side of carburetor, all holes have to be filled with EPOXY. All vacuum outlets must be removed and have steel plugs or Epoxy in place. Jets and power valve may be changed. All carburetors must use power valve. No block off plugs permitted.

CARBURETOR RESTRICTOR PLATE: A restrictor plate, with the bore measuring one and one eighth (1-1/8) inch in diamater will be issued by track officials, and will be MANDATORY for ALL cars competing in the Speedway Sportsman division. The restrictor plate will be mounted to the manifold with a one (1) piece gasket, measuring sixty five (65) thousandths. The spacer plate will be mounted to restrictor plate using a one (1) piece gasket, measuring sixty five (65) thousandths. ANY ALTERATION, MODIFICATION, OR SWAPPING OF PLATE ON ANY CAR IN ANY DIVISION WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF ALL POINTS ACCRUED UP TO AND INCLUDING THE DATE OF INFRACTION, ALONG WITH ANY OTHER PENALTIES DEEMED NECESSARY BY TRACK OFFICIALS FOR ALL DRIVERS INVOLVED. IN ADDITION, A NEW RESTRICTOR PLATE WILL HAVE TO BE PURCHASED BEFORE THE DRIVER OR DRIVERS ARE ALLOWED TO COMPETE AGAIN. Restrictor plates will cost $30.00 and will be signed for by driver or car owner only. Only one plate per car number will be assigned. All plates will be numbered for verification purposes. Each plate MUST BE returned at the conclusion of the 2003 season at which time, $10.00 will be returned to the original signee for the UNALTERED plate. If a second restrictor plate is needed due to an infraction of the rules, it will cost $40.00, with NO REFUND on the original plate. The $10.00 deposit refund remains in effect for the second plate as well. Plates will be only be available at the first and second practice sessions (March 30 and April 6) and throughout the season.



CARBURETOR SPACER: Spacer must be solid aluminum, a maximum thickness of three quarters (3/4) of an inch thick, with two (2) one and one half (1-1/2) inch holes. No angle milling or modifications of any kind on spacer. A one (1) piece gasket measuring sixty five (65) thousandths must be installed between carburetor and spacer.

AIR CLEANER: The air cleaner must be a Moroso Part #65925 for G/M engines. The height of air cleaner element will be four (4) inches for both G/M and Ford engines. A paper style air filter must be used at all times. NO DEVICES TO CONTROL AIR FLOW WITHIN THE AIR CLEANER WILL BE ALLOWED!!!

CARBURETOR CLAIM RULE: Seventy five (75) dollars to claim a carburetor. Only the driver can claim the carburetor. Claim fee must be presented to the Track Promoter or Race Director within ten (10) minutes after the checkered flag falls in the Speedway Sportsman feature event. The only drivers that can claim a carburetor are the drivers that finish in the top five (5) of the evenings featured event. Only drivers finishing in the top five (5) are subject to carburetor claim. If you refuse to have your carburetor claimed, you will be put on a two (2) race suspension and lose your right to claim a carburetor for a CALENDAR year. You will also lose your points for that evening's event.

ENGINE CLAIM RULE: One thousand five hundred (1500) dollars to claim an engine. Only the driver can claim an engine. The driver who claims an engine releases his engine to the opposing driver. Claim fee must be presented to the Track Promoter or Race Director with ten (10) minutes after the checkered flag falls in the Speedway Sportsman feature event. The only drivers that can claim an engine are drivers currently in the top five (5) in points and must have finished in the top five (5) in that evening's event. Only drivers finishing in the top five (5) are subject to engine claim. A driver is only entitled to one (1) claim per year. Claimed engines DO NOT INCLUDE the following : Carburetor, Distributor, Oil Pan, and Headers. Refusal of an engine claim will result in your loss of right to claim an engine for a CALENDAR year and will also result in loss of points accrued to date.

TRANSMISSION: Three (3) or four (4) speed standard transmission only. No aftermarket units permitted. All gears must be in working order. No weight reduction of any type allowed.

CLUTCH: A single or double disc clutch is allowed. (Example : Quartermaster) Clutch cannot be smaller than seven and one quarter (7-1/4) inches in diameter. Flywheel must be OEM diameter and design.

BELLHOUSING: Must be steel, blow-proof type. No holes can be drilled into bellhousing.

DRIVESHAFT: Must be steel and painted white. Must be two and three quarters (2-3/4) or three (3) inches in diameter. Two (2) driveshaft loops made of one quarter (1/4) inch by two (2) inch steel must be installed. No aluminum driveshafts allowed.

REAR END DIFFERENTIAL: Stock OEM only. No aftermarket center carriers permitted. Spools are permitted. Aftermarket axles are recommended and allowed. Ford nine (9) inch rear allowed in all makes. Center section must be a locker or spool only. No torque sensitive carriers allowed.

DRIVE TRAIN LOCATION: Transmission, and differential must be mounted in stock locations with stock mounting points, front-to-back, side-to-side.

SAFETY: All safety standards must meet guidelines in NASCAR Rulebook.

FIRE CONTROL: All drivers must have working fire extinguisher in car at all times when car as at race track. Fire extinguisher must have a quick release and MUST NOT be taped or tied in any manner to bracket. When fueling car in the pit area, a fire extinguisher must be present at back of car.

FUEL CELL: A fuel cell is mandatory and must be enclosed with rear fire wall of steel of no less than twenty (20) thousandths steel to protect driver's compartment. Fuel cell must be centered in trunk compartment and retained with four (4) one and one eighth (1-1/8) by one (1) inch steel straps. No outside fill is permitted. For questions, see NASCAR diagram. Also see Section 20J-16.2 and 20J-16.3 of LMSC Rule Book.

SEAT BELTS: All safety standards must meet guidelines as set forth in the NASCAR Rule Book. In addition ALL
safety equipment SHALL be installed and used in accordance with the manufactures instructions and specifications.


RADIOS: Radios ARE permitted

STEERING: Stock design must be retained in steering. No rack and pinion.

STEERING WHEEL: Must have quick disconnect metal coupling. See Section 20J-13E of LMSC Rule Book.

WINDOW NET: A NASCAR approved window net must be installed. See Section 20J-3.2.3 of LMSC Rule Book.

IDENTIFICATION: All car numbers will be issued by Dave Menefee only. Numbers issued and not used during the current year WILL NOT be held for the following year. Any car that arrives at the race track with an unapproved car number will be changed if necessary. Numbers must be at least eighteen (18) inches high and neatly painted on both sides of the car. A twenty-four (24) inch number must be painted on the roof. A five (5) inch number must be positioned in white in the upper right hand corner of the windshield to aid in lining up cars. Numbers must be painted in contrasting colors. No silver or gold foiled numbers will be permitted. Any number deemed unreadable by the scorers will be changed.

PRE-RACE INSPECTION: Any pre-race inspection failures for any infractions of these rules and specifications may result in not being permitted to compete. This is at the discretion of the Race Director. Substantial weight additions and/or rear of field starts could be imposed.

POST RACE INSPECTION: Any car found to be using illegal parts will forfeit all prize monies and points, plus contingency monies earned for that event. Any illegal part found will be surrendered to the NASCAR Official in charge of the division. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved. Any equipment which does not conform to specifications or tolerances contained in the rule book will not be eligible for approval. All rules are subject to amendment at any time, when ample notice has been given in the interest of safety and competition. Pre-race inspections do not proclude post-race inspections.

PROTESTS: No protests accepted after ten (10) minutes from the drop of the checkered flag in the Speedway Sportsman feature. No claims or protests, other than track tear downs and carburetor claim, will be allowed in the final two weeks of competition. In addition, ONLY track tear downs will be allowed on the final night of competition. Race track gets fifty (50) percent of all protest money. In addition, the protesting driver WILL HAVE the same part or parts on his/her car inspected by track officials. Protested item costs as follows:

CRANKSHAFT - $750.00

TEAR DOWNS: Any driver or car owner refusing to tear down for NASCAR Officials for any reason will be put on a one (1) race suspension for the first offense. The driver will be held responsible for refusal of tear down. The driver also loses all points accrued for that event. Refusal of tear down as a second offense will result in loss of all points accrued for the season and a suspension for the remainder of the season. NASCAR Officials reserve the right to tear down at any time.


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