FOOTBRAKE E.T. (ALL RUN - DIAL YOUR OWN E.T.) No electronics.  Footbrake only.

You must leave the starting line on a footbrake. If your leg doesn't move or there is any question, to be fair, you will be disqualified. If there is any doubt you will be disqualified. Any driver caught with electronics will forfeit all points and be suspended for 20 races. Delay box can not be in car. Left side drive street style roadsters with fenders allowed. 5 second footbrake cars permitted. If quicker than 7.49 e.t. refer to S/Pro rules.

(7.50 e.t. and slower)

1. Brakes: Minimum of 4 wheel brakes.

2. Stickshift cars: All stickshift car quicker than 8.99 must have a blowproof transmission housing.

3. No holes in firewall or floor pan.

4. Driveshaft loop required 8.99 e.t. or quicker.

5. Snell 95 helmet required.

6. Rollbar recommended.

7. No recap tires. No small emergency tires.

8. Must have overflow catch can on radiator.

9. Stick-shift cars must leave on line-lock.

10. Line-lock permitted on stick-shift cars only. No two steps.


1. No slicks. Tires must have tread or a tread pattern. Must have DOT or be treaded oval track tire. NO slick DOT's.


3. Seatbelt and Snell 95 helmet required.

4. If quicker than 9.00 e.t. refer to footbrake rules.


1. Front and rear brakes required on all motorcycles.

2. Chain guard and clutch cover required.

3. Engine kill switch required.

4. Snap back throttle required.

5. No ridged front forks.

6. Rear fender must cover full width of tire.

7. Riders must have a Snell 95 approved helmet.

8. Leather or Kevlar pants and jacket must be worn by all riders quicker than 7.49 e.t. Gloves required.

9. 7.50 e.t. and slower must have leather jacket and gloves.

10. All riders must have leather gloves.

11. Shoes must cover ankles. No tennis shoes.

12. Must have shield on helmet. No sunglasses.

13. Number plate must be displayed on left side of bike. Left side is the drivers left.

14. Rider must have feet on footpegs 100 ft after start.

SUPER PRO E.T. (7.99 E.T. AND QUICKER) : Electronics permitted. No stutter-boxes or similar devices. If vehicle performance falters and picks back up you will be disqualified. If in doubt don't use it.

(6.50 e.t. to 7.99 e.t.)

1. Must have driveshaft loop. Must be 360 degrees.

2. Must have fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver.

3. No holes in firewall or floor pan permitted.

4. 4 or 5 speed transmission must have a blow-proof bellhousing.

5. All fuel line must be located outside of drivers compartment.

6. All cars running aftermarket transmission coolers must have steel or braided lines. No rubber lines.

7. Must have a minimum of 3 inches ground clearance.

8. Any 7.49 e.t. or quicker vehicle must have a transmission shield.

9. 7.49 e.t. and quicker without a factory firewall the driver must wear long pants.

10. Front engine roadster must wear gloves.

11. Any open wheeled cars drivers must have shield on helmet.

12. All S/Pro drivers must have a Snell 95 approved helmet.

13. Must have hood or flash shield over carburetor.

14. Radiator catch can be mandatory.

15.. Protective clothing: Fire jacket required.

16. Seatbelt and shoulder harness required.

17. Roll bar required. Minimum 4 point cage, recommended 6 point roll bar.

18. Neutral safety switch required.

19. Wheel studs must protrude through wheels at least one thread.

20. External kill switch on all cars 7.99 e.t. and quicker required.

21. 7.49 e.t. and quicker must have rearend c-clip eliminators.

(6.49e.t and quicker) MUST HAVE ALL THE ABOVE PLUS.

1. Brakes: Full body cars must have 4 wheel brakes.

2. Parachute required on car.

3. Protective clothing: Fire jacket minimum. If quicker than 5.50 e.t. must have jacket and pants. Neck collar recommended. Neck collar required on all open wheeled cars

4. Rollcage: minimum 8 point required. Helmet bars highly recommended.

5. Deflectioner plate required on all rear engine dragsters.

6. Arm restraints required on all open wheel cars.

Snell 95 helmets and seat belts are mandatory
NO open headers
NO Slicks
NO delay or stutter boxes

General Rules:
Snell 95 or later are required for ALL Classes
All cars must have at least one working taillight
Speed limit on speedway grounds is 10 MPH
Disorderly conduct will result in expulsion from the speedway grounds
Hoodscoop or flash shield that covers top, back, and sides of carburetor mandatory
Coolant overflow container - at least 1 pint (16 OZ) capacity required
You must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid drivers license in your possesion to operate any style pit bike.
Speed limit at all times for pit bike is 10 MPH - If operated in an unsafe manner, the vehicle in competition that you are with will be disqualified
No warm-ups allowed in the pits or parking areas
Warm-ups must be done in your pit area on jack stands. You MUST be sitting in the car while warming-up
All batteries must be mounted in a safe fashion
ALL cars must have a nuetral safety switch
No down track stutter or throttle stop devices allowed in any class
NO shorts or sweat pants
Decisions made by track officials are FINAL