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Old Dominion Speedway (8/8/07)

Beginning on Friday, August 24, ODS will begin running a Pure Street Class as part of the regular weekly drag race program. This class is intended to accommodate the racers that have been participating in the Wednesday Night Test & Tune Series. If everything goes as planned this new class will be a permanent part of the 2008 drag racing season. All information follows. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our track officials for assistance.

2007/2008 Pure Street Class Rules

1. All ODS General and General Car Preparation Rules must be met.
2. Only open to 4 & 6 cylinder import and domestic cars.
3. Cars must be completely street legal and street driven. No trailered cars.
4. Cars must be tagged and titled with current inspection sticker.
5. Tires must have tread pattern. No slicks. No DOT slicks.
6. Cars must run full exhaust. No open headers.
7. No drag race electronics may be installed in the car, even if disconnected or unused.
8. No delay boxes. No stutter boxes. No 2-step boxes.
9. Any cars quicker than 9.00 ET must meet applicable Footbrake ET Safety Rules.

Fees and Purse
Entry fee: $20
Buybacks: $10
Payout: Win $100
R/U 50
Semi 25

General Car Preparation Rules
1. Drivers” helmet required and must be Snell certified.
2. Driver must wear long pants. NO sweatpants.
3. Seatbelts required.
4. Working tail light/brake light required.
5. Coolant overflow container, at least 1 pint (16 oz.), required.
6. Battery must be securely mounted with hold-down or enclosed in secured battery box.
7. Working neutral safety switch is required for automatic transmission cars.
8. Fuel line must be located outside of driver’s compartment.
9. No holes in firewall or floor pan.
10. Air cleaner, hood scoop or flash shield that covers top, back and sides of carburetor required.
11. All cars equipped with nitrous oxide systems must have Blow Down Vent Tube installed.


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