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Old Dominion Speedway Drag Strip
2007 Weather Policy


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Old Dominion Speedway has implemented a new Weather Policy for its Drag Strip operations this year. This policy will alleviate some of the guesswork regarding purses and event scheduling.

For this year the track will make an advanced decision concurrent with the opening of the front gate if the race will be deemed an inclement weather race. If the race is deemed an inclement weather race reasonable attempts to hold the race will occur. The purse payout will be in the Gamblers Race Format. The front gate race entry fees will be collected tabulated and dispersed as purse in lieu of a standard purse. The benefits to this are several; first racers will know at entry that an inclement weather purse will be paid; second Old Dominion will mitigate the financial risks it faces when inclement weather may or may not occur.

The decision to make the race an inclement weather race will be made solely by Old Dominion and will be made for inclement weather races only at the opening of the gate (not earlier) for that night’s race. After that decision is made the Gamblers Race Format on race purse entries will be used. Old Dominion still reserves its rights to change this policy or cancel the race in its sole discretion.

Please call the track office at 703-361-7753 if you have any question regarding this policy.

ODS Management


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