Check-In Trailer and Main Gates open at 10:00 am, no one other than track personnel are allowed on the property before then.

All competitors must sign-in at the check-in trailer and obtain an armband for the day's event before being allowed entry to any competitor restricted or hot pit area.

All competitors in the LMSC division must pull a bingo pill at the time they sign in to determine their qualifying order. This number is used to determine the order that the cars will qualify.

Restricted (Hot Pit) Area Policy

Persons granted access to the restricted area must not possess, consume or be under the influence of ANY alcoholic beverage or controlled substance at any time during the event, ending when the final checkered flag has been waived, indicating the conclusion of the events racing activities. Any person found in violation of this policy may be immediately removed from the restricted area. Additional, penalties, fines and/or disciplinary actions may be imposed by NASCAR officials as determined appropriate, up to and including revocation of NASCAR license.

When in the pit area all persons must maintain a constant watch of their surroundings for their own protection.

Practice will begin at 2:00 pm

Practice will be run by division, starting with the LMSC. The practice order will be posted on the tech trailer board. This sequence will be repeated as often as time permits before Pre-Qualifying inspection is started.

Qualifying will begin at 4:00 pm

Divisions which are running qualifying time trials to determine starting position will be called to the inspection pad after practice has ended. Late Model Stock Cars will line by the pill they pulled when signing in.

Once it has been announced to report to the inspection pad for tech inspection, teams in their respective divisions or groups will have (10) ten minutes to report to the inspection pad with their car and driver. Drivers must be in the drivers seat.

Cars and drivers reporting late to the inspection pad will go to the end of the line in their qualifying group AND lose one lap of qualifying.

Cars not passing pre-qualifying inspection will be required to correct the infraction, go to the end of the line of their qualifying group, pass thru pre-qualifying inspection again and lose one lap of qualifying.

After passing through qualifying inspection, NO changes may be made to the car until after the scuff-in laps. After the scuff-in laps, tape may be added to the front grill area only, air pressure may be reduced, but no air may be added to tires.

Cars will receive 2 laps of qualifying unless penalized.

Cars may be impounded for post qualifying inspection.

Starting lineups will be posted at the end of the tech trailer at the conclusion of qualifying.

Driver's Meeting

All drivers are required to attend the drivers meeting, held after qualifying. Any driver not attending the drivers meeting may be subject to a fine and/or moved to the rear of the starting line up.

All generators must be shut down during the drivers meeting.

Race Procedure

Cars will be lined up in their starting position on the front straight.

Pace laps will be run behind the pace vehicle. With one pace lap to go before green, the "caution lights" on top of the pace vehicle will be turned off, and the pace vehicle will pull off the track in turn 4, transferring control to the flagman.

Green Flag : The flagman will display the green flag indicating that the race has begun. At the beginning of the race, cars must maintain their position until they have crossed the start/finish line. On restarts, the race will resume when the green flag is displayed. On restarts, cars may not pass on the inside until after they have crossed the start/finish line.

Yellow Flag : The flagman will display a yellow flag, indicating that a "caution" condition exists on the racetrack. Caution lights may be used in addition to the yellow flag. When drivers observe the caution flag or lights, they should immediately stop racing, and be prepared to take evasive action, slow or stop to avoid any on track obstacles. Driver's should be aware of the possibility of competitors following closely behind them and should not slow more than necessary to avoid on track obstacles. Cars should slow to a caution pace behind the pace car in a single line.

Cars may not pass the pace car unless directed to do so by track officials.

Crewmembers may not work on a racecar on the racetrack under any circumstances. The car must be completely stopped in the pit area, to be worked on by crewmembers.

Cars returning to the racetrack after receiving service during a yellow flag must fall in at the end of the single line of cars.

Restarts will be single file.

Blue Flag with Diagonal Yellow Stripe : The blue flag with diagonal yellow stripe is displayed to individual cars to indicate that faster traffic is overtaking them. Cars being given this flag must prepare to yield to overtaking traffic by staying to the inside of the track.

Red Flag : The Red flag means that the race has been stopped. Cars should stop in a single line at the start/finish line unless designated to stop at another location by track officials. No crewmember or car owner is allowed on the racetrack during a red flag situation. Cars cannot be worked on in the pits in any manner during a red flag condition. Any car that receives repairs or service under a red flag condition WILL NOT be allowed to re-enter the race.

Black Flag : When a black flag is shown to a competitor, that car must go immediately to the pit area and report to the track official in the pit area. If the black flag is ignored, track officials may stop scoring the car. A black flag number board may be displayed adjacent to the flag stand to display the number of the car being black-flagged.

White Flag : When the white flag is displayed, it means that the leader has started their final lap. If on the white flag lap, the yellow flag is displayed, all cars will slow down and maintain their position with respect to other cars. The Green-White-Checker procedure will be applied to finish the race.

Checkered : Flag When the checkered flag is displayed, the race is completed. The checkered flag will be given to the balance of the field in the same lap.

Green-White-Checker Procedure In the LMSC and G/S divisions the schedule race event will not end under yellow or red flag if at all possible, the weather, the severity of the incident that caused the yellow or red flag and time will all be a part of determining if we can continue or not.

If on the white flag lap the yellow flag is displayed all cars, regardless of their location on the racetrack, will slow down and maintain position with respect to the other cars on the racetrack, No passing of other cars will be permitted. Re-start position will revert back to the last completed green flag lap and on the re-start, there will be a green, white and checker finish. Note, under this policy it is possible to run more than the advertised distance for the event.

Spotters A spotters area will be designated beside the Grandstand tower, this is the recommended area for all spotters. The Pit area tower will be open to spotters during practice and qualifying only

7. Administration

7.1 All competitors should read/review sections 1 thru 17 of the NASCAR 2004 Rule Book.

7.2 Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to a member of the ODS technical crew.

Hayne Dominick - ODS General Manager Billy McCord - ODS Race Director Gilbert Grable - ODS Chief of Tech Less Steger - ODS LMSC Tech

7.3 Old Dominion Speedway welcomes all of its competitors to an exciting new racing season. Well wishes are extended for a safe, professional and successful racing season.