Old Dominion Speedway 2003 BDE Racing Series


Full Driver Membership gives you – Web Site recognition on two different sites (Old Dominion Speedway site and the BDE Racing site) which is excellent advertising potential for your sponsors, Top Finish Banquet Awards and Race Points, and Racing Vehicle First Number Rights.

2003 Full Driver Membership is $40.00.

If you are not a full Driver Member, the entry fee is $7.00 above our regular entry fee for each race and the above benefits will not apply.

Driver Membership Number (Office Use Only)____________________

Vehicle Number (Members Only) ________________

Vehicle Number (Non-Member)__________________


Class/Divisions Competing:

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Driver’s Age________________ Birth Date_____________________


Emergency Contact Information:

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Date of Application:_______________________________


I hereby request membership in the BDE Racing Series at Old Dominion Speedway. If accepted, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. It is understood and agreed that I elect to use the course of events at my own risk and release, acquit, and forever discharge BDE Racing and Old Dominion Speedway, Manassas, Virginia, Lessees, Lessors, its members, agents, employees, assigns, heirs, officers, representatives, successors and all other persons, firms, associations or partnership from all liabilities for injuries caused by operation of all types of Sprint Karts, Champ Karts and all types of Mini Cups, Mini Trucks, or any other type of motor vehicle, by myself or others, and injuries caused by the operation of any form of mechanical equipment, either negligently or otherwise, or caused by any construction or condition of Old Dominion Speedway, Manassas, Virginia, over which events are held.

I have read and agree to this Membership and Release form:


If Driver is under the age of 18, the Signature of the Legal Guardian is required:_________________________________________

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