Old Dominion Speedway is planning to allow the use of Crate Motor Engines as an option to NASCAR LMSC engines in 2004.  You may continue to use your existing motor provided it meets NASCAR LMSC rules and track rules, or as an option use a track approved crate motor.

The proposed GM crate motor is as follows:

1.         GM Part # 88958604

2.         HEI Type Ignition with built-in rev max RPM 6,500.  Ignition coil to be mounted on engine side of firewall as close as possible. No MSD or external amplifier box will be allowed.

3.             Carburetor – Holley 650 cfm HP Series #0-80541-1, no carburetor spacers, stock out of box only, change is limited to power valves and jets only.  One (1) piece open hole paper gasket maximum .065-inch thickness that matches the exterior dimensions of the carburetor box plate, to be installed between the carburetor and intake manifold with no air leaks.

4.         For other rules, such as exhaust, air cleaner, flywheel and clutch, refer to NASCAR LMSC rulebook.

As other manufacturers develop suitable crate motors, Old Dominion will provide information to you.  Crate motors may provide an option to specially prepared race engines.  Old Dominion Speedway is currently not planning to allow any weight break for the use of a crate motor.

Old Dominion reserves its right to make rule adjustments to include special rules for any LMSC car participating at Old Dominion Speedway using a crate motor.  At this time, Old Dominion Speedway will not be offering a weight break to any LMSC using a crate engine.   The purchase of a crate motor and its permitted use will be highly regulated.  To use a crate motor the motor will need to be inspected and sealed by Old Dominion track officials.

There are two ways to purchase a crate motor for use at Old Dominion Speedway:

1.         You can purchase a new inspected and sealed crate motor (GM Part #88958604 only) from Old Dominion Speedway for $5,100.00 plus tax; Carburetor, ignition system, etc. not included.

 - OR –

2.         You can purchase your own crate motor but the motor will need to be shipped directly from a GM dealer to Old Dominion Speedway where it will be inspected and sealed by track officials for $300.00.  If you take possession of the crate motor directly, Old Dominion reserves its right not to approve its use or significant charges above the $300.00 sealing charge may apply for dynotesting and/or tear-down before the crate motor can be approved for use.

Sealing of the crate motor will be in strict compliance with the adopted track procedure.  Crate motors do not carry warranties and you should be advised that any type of claim you would make can only be satisfied by the manufacturer, not Old Dominion Speedway.

Finally, engine refreshing for crate motors has not been finalized, it is anticipated that one or two select approved vendors will provide this service only through Old Dominion Speedway.

As this program is being developed, we anticipate further revisions.  Please remember that Old Dominion Speedway track rules will apply.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gil Grable, Billy McCord, or Steve Britt.  Old Dominion will keep a limited supply of crate motors on hand for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thank you for your continued interest in Old Dominion Speedway, “Where Racing is Truly Legendary.”